Prince of Maine (yuenmei) wrote in batesiebloggers,
Prince of Maine

Should I be worried?

Hey everyone,
While perusing my Bates packet today, I noticed a bright orange sheet that says "EVERYTHING DUE JUNE 24th," then I looked at the calender and saw that today is June 21st. Considering that I have not yet scheduled my physical or my shots... well, it seems basically impossible to get that stuff in my June 24th. My parents are scheduling stuff today (hopefully) but still... I was wondering if anyone here turned their medical stuff in late or if I'm really screwed. What will they do?

edit: I'm also facing the whole buying-a-computer-for-college dilemma. I've been a PC user my whole life, but I'm seriously considering getting a powerbook. Is one better than the other at Bates?

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