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Int'l Prospie

Hey, everybody. Unsure if this LJ is active, but wondering about Bates and its atmosphere.

One thing I really like about Bates is that it seems to be VERY friendly towards GLBT people (read about the professor helping transexuals find a voice), and I find this welcoming.

Are there any specific community service opportunities Batesies really love or are welcoming? Is the food as wonderful as the website seems to suggest?

I also wonder how the religious groups at Bates interact. Does anybody here know about the Muslim Association? They have no link/website on their own on the Bates website.

Also wondering how welcoming Bates is towards International students, (Malaysian, but currently living in Romania). I know they have an office and a multicultural club, but is there interaction between americans and intels or are the intels a mostly tight-knit group?
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