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I don't know if this community is dead or not, but I would really like to know more about Bates and my chances of getting in so I'm going to take my chances with posting this.
I'm applying as a fall transfer from a community college in central Texas. I have fallen in love with Bates so far. To my friends it doesn't make much sense. I've never even seen snow or the ocean and they don't understand why I would want to go all the way across the country to get a degree in sociology and art(my emphasis would be in photography and painting, if possible) when I could stay in Texas in get one for 1/3 of the cost of a Bates education.
There are so many little things about Bates that really excite me and make it worth the cost in comparison to going to a state school here, but I'm worried that I won't get in. I have a 3.5 gpa and am the entertainment editor on my college's newspaper and head of the kite flying society. I am involved in a good number of outside extracurricular activities; I'm in a band in which I sing and play the autoharp(I'm pretty musical, I also play the harp(I've have since I was five), piano, and am just starting out on the viola.) I also help manage a band that is embarking on a national tour on Monday(nerve wracking, let me tell you!) My first language is German, though I rarely use it now. I'm in the fencing society at Baylor University in my town and was happy to learn that Bates has a fencing club. I volunteer at a local no-kill shelter and at Planned Parenthood(though I haven't been volunteering for very long.) I also work at an insurance company. I work really hard and stay busy w9th the things that I love and am passionate about. My test scores were not stellar and I am relieved that Bates doesn't require them. I really want to go to a small school where people are passionate, but at the same time laid back. I want to go to school somewhere that is beautiful all year long and gives me an edge when it comes to applying to grad school.
Do you think Bates would be a good fit for me?
my aim is kiddo is whack
if you would feel better talking to me about Bates person to person.
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