CLASSIC IN PEARLS (classicinpearls) wrote in batesiebloggers,

I'm a high schooler just starting the college process. I had some questions about Bates, and although this community doesn't seem very active, I was hoping someone could help me...

Campus Life/Students

1. What's there to do on a Friday/Saturday night if you're not into partying? What's Lewiston like? Is there plenty around to keep the students entertained?

2. How difficult is it to get a single dorm as a freshman?

3. How would you describe the students at Bates? What's the campus atmosphere like?


4. What, exaclty, is the core curriculum? How many classes can you take each term? I ask this because I plan on majoring in sociology AND fulfilling pre-med requirements at the same time. I know that's going to put me on a tight schedule, but I was wondering if I'd have time to take foreign language classes as well.
The Bates website wasn't really clear on how scheduling works, requirements for majors, etc.

5. How large is the pre-med population? Intimidatingly large? A rather small group? Just curious...

Thanks in advance if you can answer any of these.
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