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shameless promotion

hah this is pretty cheesy so bear with me:

This Monday at 9 PM at the Ronj we are doing an hour of standup comedy and music. I (mike barnett) will open up with some songs sung and played on my guitar followed by some unbelieable standup comedic talent (and trust me folks, they are truly funny). First up will be Jon Horwitz. Next up will be Ben Holt. Then Ian Fontaine. And finally Chris Carry. This will be an awesome time. So i repeat, Monday Night at 9 come to the Ronj and listen to some good music (i hope) and get some cheap laughs (its free). Hope to see you there! tell your friends!

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i had no idea jon horowitz did standup. chris carry is fucking funny as hell. if only i still went to bates...
i believe this is jon's first time doing standup. the one-act that he co-wrote this spring was really funny, so we'll see how this goes. and yea i've heard chris is hilarious, although i haven't had the opportunity to see him perform yet.